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USD$53.6/ 3Pairs O-Lens 6 Months

  • Product Code$53.6/2OLENS6MTH
  • Market Price USD$80.00
  • Our Price USD$53.60
  • Save: USD$26.40
  • Hit Rate:389
  • 1st Pair Style:
  • 1st Left Power:
  • 1st Right Power:
  • 2nd Pair Style:
  • 2nd Left Power:
  • 2nd Right Power:
  • 3rd Pair Style:
  • 3rd Left Power:
  • 3rd Right Power:
*If purchase more than one pair, please change the quantity below

Purchase this product to gain: 5 reward point(s)


Choco Ring only available as below

if you want to order ,please contact our CS
you can also add your power at remarks column

***Order need 3 weeks***



*** For O-lens BaviPhat 3 Color Gray, the highest power is -7.00 ***
***BaviPhat Brown/Gray  highest power is -7.00***

請留意: Baviphat 3 Color Brown 最高度數是700度.

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