【Alice Ha】Tips for choosing your perfect lens style

Are you the color lens lover? I think most of you will get trouble on choosing suitable lens color when you first buying color con. 

In this article, we will let you know 7points of buying you perfect style!


Thing to know when selecting Natural Styles


Tip 1: Lens Color

Lens Color affect the nature of your outlook, the darkness of color, the natural it is!

Light color will show you’re the mix-blood feeling. 

So, if you want to have the child-like shining eyes, you better choose choco brown lens!

Tip 2: Outer Ring Pattern

The edge of our natural eyes are actually a little bit blooming, 

so you can pay attention to the outer ring's pattern of the lens before purchasing the Color con.


The rendering design on of outer ring will let your eyes look more natural! 

If the lens have a dark outer ring, it will modify your eye shape to deepen your pupils.


Tip 3: Pupil color is similar to your pupil’s color

Asian’s pupils are mostly in dark brown, so there are more choices for you to select! 

Dark brown lenses can make your eyes look brighter and brighter, while light brown eyes are lighter, 

which create a soft and gentle feeling~

 Those who have Bloodshot eyes, remember not to choose light brown lens!


Tip4: Not to choose big diameter lens

There is often a misconception among users that the bigger the diameter, the more divine it is. 

This is a wrong concept!! Eyes with small area of white eyes should not choose to color lenses that are too large in diameter.

Instead, they make your eyes even more disenchanted! 

If you do not know the eye ratio, you can choose the colored lens with a diameter of 13.5mm or less!

O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1Day

Want to try some daily fit styles? You may try the O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1day

The bright shades of brown are suitable for daily makeup. 

13.5mm color diameter have a quite suitable enlargement effect which create natural round eyes that are close to the pupil color.

Take a look of the lens! 2-tone color + 13.5mm will have a quite suitable enlargement effect with soft charming eyes.

O-Lens Nelly Brown 1 day~1 Box Packing with 30pcs! Suitable for those who use color lens everyday.

USD$ 41/1Box 10pcs O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1Day

Diameter:14.2mm | Color Diameter:13.5mm | B.C:8.6mm | W.C:55% |

Shop Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1420.html



O-Lens Misty Romantic Hazel 1Day

New Upgrade Ver.! O-Lens Misty Romantic Hazel 1Day

The natural and soft hazelnut tone makes the eyes more tender, show out your perfect femininity

Thick outer ring can show out the real eye textures, the design of two-tone brown can increase the brightness of the eyes, and the style that can be used for school. You definitely need to have a try!

Dark Brown color and eye white will have a clear contrast, which reveal the clean and flawless eyes.

USD$ 31/1Box 20pcs O-Lens Romantic Hazel 1Day

Diameter:14.2mm | Color Diameter:13.5mm | B.C:8.6mm | W.C:48% |

Shop Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1822.html


Thing to know when selecting Mix-Blood Styles

Tip 1: Light Color Pattern will become much natural

The more transparent the pattern is, the higher degree of fusion the eyeballs are

If you like mixed blood but want to be much natural, remember to choose your lens starting with patterns!


Tip 2: You need to look at the outer ring design too!

Mix-blood styles are popular in these recent years! 

Blurring pattern will make you mix-blood style natural!


Tip 3: Not to choose too light color

Want to try new styles? Not all Styles can fit all of you! 

If you would like to choose light color lens, you should pay attention to the fact that when you are under the sunlight area.

The light lenses are exposed and produced a chemical effect that made the eyeballs more prominent and could easily cause lizard eyes.

For mix-blood styles, you may refer to the below 2 lenses:


ReVIA Nostalgia 1Day

For the mix-blood styles, many of you may heard of candymagic. 

They have a new small diameter series of 14.1mm diameter which are suitable for those who haven't try American styles before. 

With color diameter of 13.2mm, Revia Nostalgia 1day is the hottest style now!

Olive green color mixed with gray color, it produces a shining bright feeling.


USD$17/1Box 10pcs ReVIA Nostalgia 1Day

Diameter:14.1mm | Color Diameter:13.2mm | B.C:8.6mm | W.C:58% |

Shop Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1714.html


Pienage Luxe Mirage 1Day

If you want to have larger enlargement, you may tryPienage Luxe 1Day with 14.5mm big diameter, you will have thedolly natural eyes!

USD$18/1Box 10pcs Pienage Luxe Mirage 1Day

Diameter:14.5mm | Color Diameter:13.8mm | B.C:8.9mm | W.C:42.5%

Shop Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1707.html


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