【Kareno】My Everyday Spring Makeup

Inspired by Korean girly makeup! Let’s get some idea from Kareno to create soft daily look. With a few makeup tools and color contacts, it is sure that your natural beauty can be enhanced. Kareno’s Color Lens choice: O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day

Step 1:  Apply cream to your whole face to “wake up” your skin!


Step 2:  Use BB Cream this time which make your skin more slippery


Step 3:  Draw your eye brows with brown color pencil, this help create natural but not overpowering style and it literally works for all skin tones and hair colors.


Step 4:  Peach Pink eye shadow is one of the hit color in Korea now! Apply it on your eyelips and softened up your look~


Step 5:  Draw a super thin eyeline with liquid eyeliner for the appearance of dewy eyes.


Step 6: Always smiling apple red cheeks like Snow White is super sweet! It actually get you the perfect baby cheek blush tone.


Step 7: Velvet Lips is a huge trend this year in Korea. Try this with beige vintage lipstick and blend it with your finger.


Yeah! Finish your girly spring makeup~


Lens’ choice~ O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day

Kareno is using O-Len Secriss Coral Gray in this makeup tutorial. It is O-Lens 1Day Top Seller which is represented by EXID Hani.

1Box 20pcs Packing! You will get 10 pairs in total~ It is made of PC Hydrogel which bring you a more comfortable wearing experience for whole daily usage.

USD$31/1Box 20pcs O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day

D.I.A: 14.2mm | C.D.I.A:13.5mm | B.C:8.6mm | W.C:55% | Packing:1Box 20pcs

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1495.html


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