【Sichen】Vampy Holiday Stylish Makeup

Hi Guy! Still wanna try the Kpop Mix Blood Style? Let’s see how Sichen mix and match with the New Japanese Decorative 1Day Lens.

Step 1: First, Sichen wears the Decorative Eyes No.4 Romantic Memories this time.

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Besides, there are 4 more styles in this Decorative Eyes 1Day Series. You may choose what you like to buy and wear!

USD$16/1Box 10pcs Decorative Eyes 1Day

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Step 2: Apply the foundation all over your face and neck. You may apply two layers on it for the medium coverage.


Step 3: Next, apply the contour stick onto the side of the face to create an over face shape and also onto the side of your nose bridge.

Then using a sponge to blend the products in six egg motion. You may use the up-and-down motion to blend the nose.


Step 4: Apply loose powder onto the area that tends to cease. Usually on the under eye area, both sides of the nose and forehead.



Step 5: Outline the frame of your eyebrows and the use the brush to fill in the brows


Step 6: Apply the orange cream color onto your eyelids and also on the lower lash line

Step 7: Use the brown & rose pink colors and apply onto the outer corner just above your crease and wing it out following your eye shape , inner corner and outer third of the lower lashline.


Step 8: Draw a dark black eyeline and wing it out

Step 9: Apply red lip tint on the center of your lower lips and use a brush to feather it.

Step 10: Last Step, apply the dark brown color to the inner parts of the lips


Finish Look!!


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