【Lok Sin】SS17 Outfits Tips

To become a trendy fashion icon, in addition to buying new clothes in new season, Contact Lens is also an important item to highlight the outfit, so that we can create a different image. Lok Sin showed us different style, like lively, fancy, fierce and causal, with the use of User Select and Select Fairy 1Day Contact Lens.



1.<I’m Fun>

With colorful clothing and accessory, Lok Sin shows us a retro look in SS17. But that’s not enough for looking trendy. By wearing Select Fairy 1Day – Street Brown, it looks naturally into your eyes and lively. If you want to follow Lok Sin as an energetic person, Street Brown is your first choice.


Select Fairy 1Day – Street Brown

DIA:14.2mm| CDIA:13.5mm| WC:38%| BC:8.7mm

PriceUSD$20/1box 10pcs

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1125.html


2.<I’m Fancy>

Every girl wants to dress as a cute girl from the bottom of their heart, to attract other attention. Lok Sin chose Select Fairy 1Day– Basic Brown, which is brown color with a little pink. This creates a watery effect into your eyes, and brings out your gentle. Suitable for everyday use.


Select Fairy 1Day – Basic Brown

DIA:14.2mm| CDIA:13.5mm| WC:38%| BC:8.7mm

PriceUSD$20/1 box 10pcs

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1124.html


3.<I’m Fierce>

If you want to try strong and powerful image, you can try to spend more time on makeup, like brown eyeshadow and deep red lip. Please don’t forget to wear User Select 1Day- Sunny Brown with a radiation pattern with a sense of layering, with a deep pupil, domineering but feminine.

User Select 1Day – Sunny Brown

DIA:14.2mm| CDIA:13.4mm| WC:38%| BC:8.7mm

PriceUSD$20/1 box 10pcs

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1614.html


4.<I’m Free>

Casual wear is the outfit of most girls, but how to be outstanding in crowds of people? Composed of two kinds of dark brown User Select 1Day – Standard Brown, designed close to the pupils of Asians, the level of layering like the pupil has been born at the color, simple and casual but it will make you a bit different to others.

User Select 1Day – Standard Brown

DIA:14.2mm| CDIA:13.4mm| WC:38%| BC:8.7mm

PriceUSD$20/1 box 10pcs

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1611.html


Lok Sin’s SS17 Lookbook:



USD$74.67/4 boxes Select Fairy 1 Day

Buy Herehttp://en.pinkicon.com/product-1127.html

USD$130.4/8 boxes Select Fairy 1 Day

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1128.html



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