【I’m Kareno】 GO-TO Korean and Japanese Lens Review

Karen has tried 7 styles of Korean and Japanese Contact Lens on her latest video! The lens diameter are mainly around 14.0mm-14.2mm which are suitable for all of the contact lens’ users. Check out this article to see what are Karen’s favourite lens!


O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day

This style is one of the 1day lens that Karen has been wearing for this period of time and fans are keeping on asking the detail! A total of 10 pairs for you include the UV Protection for your eyes!

O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray is one of the most comfortable lens we are selling as it is made of PC+Hydrogel. With beautiful gray outline and brown inner pattern, it creates natural look.


USD$31/Box O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.5mm|Water Content:48%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 20pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1495.html


O-Lens Secriss Coral Brown 1Day

Secriss Coral also made a Brown color. If you watch Karen’s previous video, you can see that brown and gray are her most in-love with color lens!

Exactly same diameter as Coral Gray, 14.2mm can enlarge your pupil. Give you brighter and more dolly eyes. 48% water content means pretty darn hydrating.


USD$31/Box O-Lens Secriss Coral Brown 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.5mm|Water Content:48%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 20pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1552.html


O-Lens Russian Velvet Blue 1Month

Kpop Star’s Choice- Russian Velvet Blue 1Month. This is an ice styling lens with just only 12.7mm, give you the super natural feeling! O-Lens Russian Velvet Blue is actually made for dark colored natural eyes and totally cover your eyeballs and turn your eyes Blue!

They are really comfortable and suitable for wearing the whole day. Recommend to those who would like to have a try like a mix-blood!


USD$16/Box O-Lens Russian Velvet Blue 1 Month

D.I.A:14.0mm|C. D.I.A:12.7mm|Water Content:38%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 2pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1681.html


O-Lens Russian Gold 1Day

The main difference between Secriss Coral Series and Russian Series is that Russian Series do not have enlargement for your pupils at all. For the Gold Color, this is very true to your natural pupil size. It creates the really born-to-be brown eyes!

USD$31/Box O-Lens Russian Gold 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.0mm|Water Content:48%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 20pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1696.html


O-Lens Russian Silver 1Day

Russian Silver is another gray style in the Russian Series. They’re with really clear pattern. Really match with Gray hairstyle! Summer Must-Have Hit Item.  


USD$31/Box O-Lens Russian Silver 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.0mm|Water Content:48%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 20pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1697.html


User Select Citrus Brown 1Day

Citrus Brown has a very special design, with green outer corner. Also one of the best 14.2mm lens, so you can see the very enlarging effect. Don’t hesitate to try this!

This lens are easy-to-use for beginners. They do feel very thin and make your eyes breathable.


USD$20/Box User Select Citrus Brown 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.4mm|Water Content:38%|B.C:8.7mm|1 Box 10pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1615.html


Pienage No.8 Baby 1Day

A very cute, pinkish purple lens made in Japan. When you put them on your eyes, you can see there is a little bit brown and gray rim.

One of the advantage is that Pienage No.8 Baby contains 12pcs per box. One more pair for you to try!


USD$20/Box Pienage No.8 Baby 1Day

D.I.A:14.2mm|C. D.I.A:13.6mm|Water Content:58%|B.C:8.6mm|1 Box 12pcs

Link: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1660.html



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