【Pony】Color Lens choices from the Korean Famous Guru

With over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, Pony is one of South Korea's most famous beauty gurus. In every single video, Pony teaches you everything from how to craft the perfect smoky eye to how to recreate K-pop idols' glam. If you look deeply into her eyes, you can see different sparkling colors. Today we are going to introduce what color lens she is wearing!


Natural Semi-smoky Make-up

This make-up is really suitable for the winter outlook, with gray-purple tone, which shows you the natural and elegant feeling!


STEP1: Sketch out the natural brown brows with eye brow pencil to give the natural feeling.

STEP2: Cover the eye sockets with dark purple eye shadow.

STEP3: Use the glitter tone eye shadow at the corner part of your eyelids. This brings out the sparkling eyes.

Point!!For the color lens, You can choose the O-Lens Secriss Ice Gray1 Day. This lens are represented by Korean Famous Idol - EXID Hani. With dark and light gray pattern, give you the very natural look; it is suitable for those who firstly try the gray contacts. Also, it is a 14.2mm diameter lens, easy to carry for daily makeup.


O-Lens Secriss Ice Gray 1Day USD$40/1Box30pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 55%BC: 8.6mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1656.html


Stylish Fashion Look

In this year trend, Korean girls love to use warm color tone. Many of them choose brown and red wine colors for their makeup.

STEP1:Use Brown eyebrow pencils to draw the sharp eyebrows.

STEP2: Brush over with light brown eye shadow, and then use a long and fluty brush to blend away edges.


Point!!If you want a eye-catching look, don’t hesitate to use the O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1 Day lens. With the 14.2mm small diameter, 3-tone gray color design, give you the natural and deep eyes. Also, they are the PC-Hrdrogel lens, give you the more moistened, and comfortable feelings


O-Lens Secriss Coral Gray 1Day USD$31/1Box20pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 48%BC: 8.7mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1495.html


Pinky Fresh Ladies Look

It is very easy to have this natural and adorable makeup.

STEP1: Use light gray eyebrow pencil to sketch your eyebrow softly.

STEP2:Use a peachy eye shadow to lighten you eyelids, and then apply the inner corner with ivory eye shadow.

STEP3: Finally draw a thin brown eye line and brush you eyelash with mascara.

Point!!Choose the O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1 Day for you shining, sweet look. It really fits for the gold and beige hair colors. With 14.2mm D.I.A., Korean hot trend style.


O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1Day USD$40/1Box30pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 55%BC: 8.6mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1420.html


Mint bronze makeup

STEP1: Pony tries to use the blue eye shadow to show out the uplifting and healthy look.

STEP2: Sketch you eyebrows with caramel eyebrow pencil.

STEP3: Then use the contouring color to enhance your facial structure.

STEP4:Use the eye shadow primer potion to enhance the pigments of the eye shadow.

Point!!O-Lens Misty Choco 1 Day gives you the girly big eyes. With the Choco color, your eyes will look brighter and round.14.2mm diameter, suit for different kinds of makeup. This is a Silicone lens, much moist and soft.


O-Lens Misty Choco 1Day USD$18.4/1Box10pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.3mmWC: 40%BC: 8.7mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1169.html

Point!!If you wish the monthly lens, this O-Lens Someday Brown 1 Month is one of the best choices.Just Only US$16, you can use for the whole month. Silicone Style~ more moist and soft for 6-8 hours wearing and great for the sensitive eyes.


O-Lens Someday Brown 1 Month USD$16/1Box2pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.3mmWC: 40%BC: 8.6mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1565.html


Burgundy Make Up

Pony prepares a mellow burgundy makeup look. From eye to lip, she chooses the red wine colors.

STEP1: Draw the dark brown eyebrows.

STEP2: Apply the ashy pink color to your entire eyelid broadly.

STEP3: Apply the burgundy eye shadow to the end of the crease and bring it down to you lash lines.

Point!!Choose the pinky color lens to make your look softer. Like Pony, you can use the O-Lens WannaBe Lolly Pink 1 Month. This Series is famous for the 3-tone colors which can make you eyes much bigger and charming!


O-Lens Wannabe Lolly Pink 1 Month USD$16/1Box2pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.2mmWC: 40%BC: 8.7mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1548.html


Paris Red Lip Makeup

It’s time for you to change your cosmetics for the cold winter. Warm colors should be the must have color for winter. In the Paris Red Lip Makeup, Pony use dark brown and red wine eye shadow to express her sexy woman look.

STEP1: Fill in the eyebrows in a soft arch.

STEP2: Use the wedge eye shadow to contour the features of the faces.

STEP4: Draw the eye line with black eyeliner and then use the brown gel eyeliner to make the eye line look softer.

Point!!For the contact lens, this time you may choose a shiny one. O-Lens New 1 Month Lens CIEL Gray is one of the K-Pop Style lens. With light yellow inner ring , it helps your eyes look much deeper.


O-Lens CIEL Gray 1 Month USD$16/1Box2pcs

DIA: 14.5mm CDIA: 13.4mmWC: 38%BC: 8.9mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1642.html


Dewy Khaki Makeup

Pony has tried a sweety, cute look before! With the pinky hair color, you can apply some soft colors for your make up.

STEP1: Use the caramel eyebrow pencil to fill you eyebrows in.

STEP2: Using the cream type khaki tone eye shadow and spread it with your fingers.

STEP3: Sweeping the muted camel brown color to the eye sockets.

STEP4: Tight line your eyes with black eyeliner.

Point!!For the dolly eyes, you may choose the O-Lens Jenith Blue 6 months.

Many of the famous Korean Stars choose to use the Jenith style. The diameter of this lens is just only 14.0mm, give you the natural colorful eyes.


O-Lens Jenith Blue 6 Months USD$26.53/1 Pair

DIA: 14.0mm CDIA: 13.4mmWC: 38%BC: 8.6mm

Buy Here: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1490.html