【Hana Tam】 Korea Triple Style Make Up

Hana shows us 3 different Korean Style Make up. If you want the makeup much perfect and charming, you should use the O-Lens color contact! In this makeup tutorial, Hana chooses lens with 14.2 - 14.3mm diameter. This helps enhance your natural and energetic eyes.


Sweety Dating Look

Point 1 :Wear the O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1 Day. With the light brown color, it helps blending your eye balls and gives you the softy ladies feeling. Show you theLee Sung Kyung's lovely eyes.

Point2: Start off with a Base Primer. After that, applying the BB Cushion to your face. You can apply one more layers for the best coverage.

Point3: Use the brow powder to sketch out the straight Korean brows and brush over lightly to give the natural feeling.


Point4: Cover the eye sockets with pearl eye shadow, then use the white pearl color for eye head corners, enhance the sense of silhouette.


Point 5: Draw your upper lash lines with eyeliner and lengthen your eyelash with mascara. Finish with a pop of pinky blush.


O-Lens Secriss Nelly Brown 1Day-USD$40/1Box30pcs

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 55%BC: 8.6mm

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Moisturizing Brightness Look

Point 1: To show out the shiny , bright skin, Hana choose the very natural lens— O-Lens Anna Sui Roseberry Brown 2 Weeks


Point2: Apply the moisturizing spray and skin care oil for the hydrated skin and ready for the makeup routine.


Point3: Use the highlighter pens to lighten the T-zone and cheekbones, add the dark shading on the nose and eye socket areas for sharp and clear contouring


Point4: Color your brows with eyebrow gel, to shade and moisten brows for a refined fresh look.


*The O-Lens pink mirror Hana is holding (USD$4.87): http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1649.html


Point 5: Apply evenly with the brown red vivid color lip stick, this makes the lip looks more attractive and more transparent skin.  


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DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.3mmWC: 38%BC: 8.7mm

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Sexy Fascinating Big Eyes Look

Point 1: For the semi-smoky look, Signature Hazel 2 Weeks is definitely suitable for it.


Point 2: Brush your eyebrow with eyebrow pencil and powder to draw out the natural eyebrows.


Point 3: Make a base with golden brown color. Put a bit of the dark brown eye shadow on the upper lash line to give you the deep eyes feeling. Use the flat top stippling brush to draw the upper and lower eye line. Don’t forget to draw your inner eye line.


Point 4:To make your lips pop , using the dark purple lip stick , and then apply the brown lip gloss on the centre area, this create a very sharp look!


NEW arrival O-Lens Signature Hazel 2Weeks-USD$18.4 1Box 4pcs

DIA: 14.3mm CDIA: 13.2mmWC: 55%BC: 8.8mm

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~Other Suggested Style~

Korean NEW arrivalO-Lens Secriss Ice Gray 1Day

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 55%BC: 8.6mm

Price: USD$ 40 1 Box 30 pcs

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Korean STAR ChoiceO-Lens Secriss Coral Brown 1Day

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 48%BC: 8.7mm

Price: USD$ 31 1 Box 20 pcs

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O-Lens Crush Gray 1Month

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.8mmWC: 40%BC: 8.6mm

Price: USD$16 1 Box 2 pcs

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