【Hana Tam】 Japan Magazine Cover Girl Makeup


Hana is going to introduce 3 Japan magazine cover makeup including Soup, Ray and Vivi. They are all very popular among Asia and represent completely different styles.

In doing these Japanese girl makeups, color contacts are essential. Therefore, Hana will wear three different contacts to show the best outlook in which User Select 1Day and Select Fairy 1Day will be used. Let’s get started and be the magazine cover girl!


Highlight of NEW contacts- User Select 1Day:

-It’s the new contacts launched in Japan since Aug2016. It incorporated everything (opinions) users wanted in their contacts with data collected from surveys. Its final version comes out after going certain stage experiment.  


<SOUP> mainly goes for a bookworm or student style

It’s suitable for you if you like simple fashion and makeup style.


Point1: wear User Select 1Day – Citrus Brown



User Select 1Day USD$20/1Box10pcs

BUY HERE: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1615.html


Point2: For this magazine style, it doesn’t have to put too much makeup. Thus, Hana didn’t wear foundation but only applied concealer to cover dark circles and then set it lightly with loose powder.


Point3: Brows are also aimed to be natural. So, sketch out brow shape with light brown and then brush over lightly with colored brown gel.


Point4: To match with the new contacts, I brushed a bit of dark green on the end of the lower lash line. Then draw a tight eye line.


Ponit5: For blush, it’s put on a high spot.


Put on a pair of circle-framed glasses, Soup ‘s makeup is done!




<Ray> OL Looktrendy formal dress-up



Point1: Ray’s makeup is mainly simple, natural and clean and that’s why I choose Select Fairy 1Day – Basic Brown or Street Brown as they’re comfortable and natural (Cover: Basic Brown)


Select Fairy 1Day USD$20/1Box10pcs

BUY HERE: http://en.pinkicon.com/gallery-332-grid.html



Street Brown: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1125.html


Point2: Put on base/primer and then conceal the dark circles, around the nose and lip corners. Afterwards, put on bb cushion and powder.  


Point3: Before drawing the eyebrows, brush the brows lightly, then draw a simple and neat brows, there’s no need to lengthen them.


Point4: Use eye shadow sticks as it’s easy and fast for OL who’s usually rushed in the morning. Draw a tight eye line and lengthen it a bit at the end, not too much.


*The O-Lens pink mirror Hana is holding (USD$4.87): http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1649.html


Point5: Take a bit of lipstick and pat it on the face as base, the brush a bit of blush powder on it. For lipstick, use the one we just used to pat on the face and add a bit of lip-gloss on top  


Point6: With a bit of brown eye shadow, brush it along the hairline to let your face look smaller.


Finally, put on a big, round and fashionable hat. It can add points to your OL look.





<ViVi> Cute and yet feminine style


Point1: Put on User Select 1Day –Sunny Brown as it has a mixed-race feel.


User Select 1Day USD$20/1Box10pcs

BUY HERE: http://en.pinkicon.com/product-1614.html



Point2: Different from last two styles, the eyebrow can be drawn a bit thicker.


Point3: Make a base with a bit of white eye shadow. Put a bit of cream eye shadow stick on the outer part of the eyelid and blend it out. Then contour the nose for looking more mixed-race


Point4: Draw a eye line and extend horizontally outwards. Then brush on the cheekbones.


ViVi Model Lookis done!


=Other colors and styles=



<Japan NEW arrival> User Select 1Day

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.4mmWC: 38%BC: 8.7mm

Price: USD$20 1Box10pcs

Buy here: http://en.pinkicon.com/gallery-389-grid.html



<Best-selling> Select Fairy 1Day

DIA: 14.2mm CDIA: 13.5mmWC: 38%BC: 8.7mm

Price: USD$20 1Box10pcs

Buy here: http://en.pinkicon.com/gallery-332-grid.html


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