【Esther Hong introducing 3 different brends of contact lens】

**Esther Hong introducing 3 different brends of contact lens**

FFirst Style: Decorative Eyes MonthlyPlay Cute #1


Esther demonstrated some steps of cat eyes make-up to match with this contact lens.

First of all, she used some pink eye shadow, red artiaum and brown eyeliner to make her eyes more eye-catching.

Then, she used mascara to lengthen the eyelashes.

Lastly, she used rouge to blend on her lips.


FSecond Style: Select Fairy Monthly Lime Olive

This brand comes from Japan. There is a hint of green on the lens and it is very natural looking.


FThird Style : O-lens Jenith 3 color (6 Months) Natural Gray

Some people may think that colored lenses may look strange, especially special color like gray. But this colored lenses are very natural looking, and looks like it was the usual color of your eyes.