【VenusAngelic】How To Look Half Japanese [2014-07-16]



 Cleaning the face -Jealousness Rose Cleaning Liquid

I like use this one because the smell like English Rose ~

Circle Lens Case -iPool Auto Vibrating Contact Lens Cleaning Device

Circle Lense -Blytheye Brown

D.I.A: 14.00mm

B.C: 8.60mm

Water Content: 38.00%

Before you start makeup,using primer make your skin smooth~

Banila co. Primer Classic Matte

Your foundation can last longer~

Foundation use more natural liquid powder should be Banila co. CC Cream Cushion

If you have undereye dark circle , you may use  Stylenanda3CE -Eye Brighter

This is Banila co. Triple Wonder 3D Multi Pact~

Above Eyebrows Higher Forehead, Pointier Chin, Higher nose

More narrow set eyes,Thinner nose,Slimmer face 

Choose natural eyeliner color like brown-SUPER SLIM PEN EYE LINER

Shimmer eyeshadow~  Stylenanda3CE Under Eye Flash

Long eyelashes -Magic lash lengthening mascara

Black Mascara

White mascara

First apply the black mascara~

Then, apply white mascara~

Apply black mascara once again ~

Cheek:Stylenanda3CE cream blusher coral coral

Peripera Crayon #Orange can easy control the shape of lips

Stylenanda3CE Eyebrow mascara 

Wig hair style choose wavy and volumious, side or no fringe and simple arranges

NLC-03 Full Wig

Use net mesh wig cap for full wig

Half Japanese look finish!